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Welcome to our IB History Revision Wiki!

With just under two months before IB exams start, now is the time to get serious about reading, reviewing and revising all the History topics we have covered in the course. We will be using this wiki as a collective revision effort in the run-in to the exams. Please remember that the more effort and 'tlc' you put into creating pages on here, the more thorough and effective your revision will be be - which will then hopefully impact positively on your eventual results for IB History!

To see the information on each topic, just click on the various options in the menu on the right hand side of the screen.

Happy reading and writing!

Rudbeck IB History Department, Stockholm, Sweden, May 2011

Postscript: now that the exam session is over for another year, I will be leaving this wiki in place (un-edited and intact) as an 'archive' and testament of the dedication and hard work shown by the three HL students who wrote these pages. I hope that this will be useful to any future IB History students preparing for exams, especially in terms of looking at the Past Questions and Markscheme Notes for each topic here.

However, one little warning: as this was a wiki completed by students working under stress and with 5 other subjects to prepare for, some of the pages are inevitably less detailed than others. So please do not run the risk of thinking anything written here is authoritative or conclusive on any of the given topics: these are notes and ideas that should supplement your own reading and thoughts, not 'made-to-order' answers that can be memorized and recycled. With that caveat in mind, I hope you find the wiki useful!

For any IB teachers that might stumble upon this, I would like to draw your attention to the e-bibliography I have tried to compile here: link. Though inevitably incomplete, there are lots of bits-and-pieces here that I have found useful or interesting that you may well also like to use in your teaching, particularly the Youtube clips, I imagine. Please do help yourself liberally to these links and enjoy the many fruits that the Internet has to offer us students of History! :)

CH, September 2011

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